Baloons for Grandma

believe it or not the networks do have cool stuff on the news. CBS has a reporter named Steve Hartman who used to do these awesome segments where he would randomly pick a name out of a telephone book to prove that everybody has a interesting story. He found a single mother and her son and quickly figured out because the little boy had a wonderful personality and acute mind the real story was with him. while Steve and a crew of camera people followed this boy around the boy asked if they would like to come along with him so he could give his grandma a few helium balloons. They followed the boy to a local flower shop where the boy bought 2 red helium balloons with his allowance. The crew then continued to give the boy a ride to his destination as he gave directions. Fully expecting to come to a house where the boys grandma lived the boy had them stop at a grassy hill top. The boy simply ran to the edge of the hill top and let the balloons go. Perplexed Steve asked what just happened and the boy just simply stated: Grandma is in heaven, I give her balloons for her to catch.

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