Gordon Gekko was not lying when he said “Greed is Good”



Chris Gardner, the inspiration for the film &q...

Chris Gardner, the inspiration for the film “The Pursuit of Happyness” with Will Smith (Photo credit: dbking)

In the movie “Wall Street” Michael Douglas plays sleazy Corporate fat cat “Gordon Gekko” and makes the now infamous and overly repeated (yes I realize I am further repeating it here) catch phrase “Greed is good”. The most obvious way to interpret this is by saying he was encouraging the rich to get richer even if its at the expense of the poor getting poorer. 

I have noticed there seems to be an awful lot of talk like never before about the rich getter richer and the poor getting poorer. It almost seems like a national obsession at this point. It also feels like there is a unhealthy singular focus on how much of something most of us don’t have, and how much of something someone else has. 

I get it, no argument from me the economy sucks. Since I personally have never made a six figure income and don’t know what its like to go from living in a expensive home to living in more meager means I just cant relate to those who have. So from my already meager existence stand point not much has changed for me or my wife. Living hand to mouth is just as routine as as my morning coffee.

I would like to submit that “Greed Is Good” can be redefined in a way where it’s encouraging all of us to NOT to loose our piss and vinegar despite how crappy the economy is. I get a lot of this idea and attitude from my mom. She supported 3 children (obviously including myself) on a median income and still had the nerve to be larger than life itself. Its all attitude folks, look at extreme sport icons Shaun white, or  Travis Pastrana both started out very, very young. So young in fact I cant imagine their parents being anything else but horrified when they would insist on doing dangerous stunts. 

They both have one key element in common: when it came to the dangerous and horrified part neither one it seemed to get the memo on that issue. They were just having fun. I’m a cheesy guy, I tell myself things in the form of movie quotes that really crystallize my real life attitude. A quick Karate Kid Fear does not exist in this dojo, a robust Han Solo Never tell me the odds, a sincere James T. Kirk there is no no win scenario, I get to the day by being Top Gun and telling myself to kick the tires and light the fires, that I have the need, the need for speed, and when I win the moment I say: yeeeeeehaw jester’s dead. 

Get out there folks, stop crying in your cheap coffee and beer, make yourself a tuna salad sandwich because eating out is out of the question, and be the windshield, not the bug. Greed is good, grab life by the throat and make it dance monkey dance. 

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