Even more reasons why they need to put the word Fun back into the word Funeral

The Photo Funeral
what seems like a very long time ago my wife’s grandmother (on her dad’s side) passed away. My wife and I dated for a couple of years before getting married. Beyond one trip to visit the extended family on his side I don’t really remember a lot of contact with the Woman. To me she was a complete stranger, and it seemed obvious to me my wife did not feel very close to her either. If you want to be a decent human being and not seem like a total waste of human flesh you do what you do. You show up for at least the viewing (a concept I have yet to fully wrap my mind around). My wife and I do the obligatory viewing, and then sit down. Next thing I know my wife’s sister is toting a camera and taking pictures. I don’t mean pictures of family members, I mean pictures of Grandma. In her casket. Okay, I have a small understanding this very well is a way for some people to remember their loved ones but I have to be honest to say it totally freaked me out. From that point forward I have made a concerted effort to never, and I do mean Never be caught looking at slides, photo albums, photo video montages at my sister in-laws house for fear the pictures will go from smiling faces, happy moments to dead people in caskets.

I’m sorry, what way to the bathroom again?
Later on, here I was at yet another funeral of a family member on my wife’s dad’s side. Thankfully I don’t remember any camera action during this funeral but the absolute hands down most memorable moment was when I asked where I could locate the Men’s bathroom. A lady staff member pointed past me. I looked at the direction she was pointing, looked back at her (I must have had the worlds most perplexed look on my face) and made sure. Again, looking annoyed she has to point again, I confirmed she was indeed pointing in the direction I thought she was. Through yet another viewing room and yes there was whole other viewing taking place in that very room at the same time. All I could picture was me getting accosted on my way to the bathroom by a random stranger saying something like: “hey! Cousin Ed! (not my name) and then being forced to pay last respects to “Nanna” while people look at me weird trying to figure out why their cousin Ed has changed so much.

4 thoughts on “Even more reasons why they need to put the word Fun back into the word Funeral

  1. I’ve heard of people taking photos at funerals but you are the first I heard that has seen it happen. I know I’ll get that call one of these days asking me to come and do family portraits at a funeral. I can use my favorite line “Now, don’t look like someone just died!….oops, I guess someone did just die…errr, just pretend you are happy to be here with your family you hate!”

    1. please let me know where and when and I will be happy to photo bomb the portrait. I can either be the man strolling in the background walking to the bathroom, or the freaked out mourner.

    1. Sounds Interesting. Maybe without realizing it you subconsciously registered that if you don’t behave you would become the subject of yet another photo. One of the many reasons I don’t trust photoshop you can ad sepia to any photo now.(just see my blog/entry about time traveling celebrity’s and you will hopefully see my point)

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