Next time you travel in time make sure you get caught on camera or video

Recently the internet turned 20. We were promised a lot of things when we all first connected through our US Robotics 56K external modem. We were going be able to electronically chat with a perfect stranger in Saskatoon Canada, solve static cling, patiently wait 20 minutes for a image to flicker across our computer screens, and email our nana’s asking her to make that nice pudding pie next time we come over.

Flash forward to present day and most of our “phones” have more computing power than 30 of the original clunky beige desk top computers we used. Were twittering, photo tagging, instagraming, photo bombing, and video taping (and then posting) anything and everything.

In light of all this, a new phenomenon has cropped up on the internet: Time travelers. Supposedly untouched, un-photoshopped, unaltered pictures and videos of both ordinary people and ?celebrity’s? Happily going about their day picking up milk, dropping off laundry at the cleaners, catching a ball game, and oh yeah stopping by the 1800’s, early 1900’s, and making sure they get their picture taken, photo bombing a picture being taken, or get caught using what suspiciously looks like a cell phone while being filmed.


I am still not sure how on earth (besides maybe say using common sense) Nicholas Cage is ever going to convince anyone anywhere he is NOT a vampire. I guess being a time traveling undead actor/Vampire must not have any advantages that would help you pay your debt with the IRS. Poor Nick, he’s been making pictures since the civil era and he STILL has not paid his debt off.

John Travolta ebay ambrotype photo

Then there is his “Face Off” acting buddy John Travolta. Sure, Johnny boy can fly you, his wife, his film crew, and a couple of schnauzers in his plane to the secret island of misfit Scientologist’s but he’s got to travel back in time for a photo session with old and timey international.


Being a mom is sooooo demanding. Lets see, playroom cleaned, check, minivan detailed, check, box wine for momma, check, Lottery tickets, check, get caught on old film using cell phone yelling at ungrateful children who painted the cat green and left the ground beef out too long, check.


And most recently we added Jay-Z. Wikipedia describes J-Z as an American Rapper, record producer, entrepreneur, and occasional actor. I guess it’s my duty to add Vampire-time traveler to the list. Why is it my job? I can only guess Jay-Z has a fleet of public relations minions, tweeters, photo shoppers, and social media guru’s (no really.. they are actual guru’s with the leather flip-flops and wardrobe) who can make sure the Wikipedia post gets up dated. We certainly would not want any one to be unaware that time traveling is another skill set that can be used for any potential projects.

7 thoughts on “Next time you travel in time make sure you get caught on camera or video

    1. I think your right, but then I predicted Beta Max would win the day over the much inferior VHS format. The Jay-Z one seems to have a Quentin Tarantino vibe to it, I honestly expect Pam Grier, Samuel L. Jackson, or even John Travolta (in full time traveling vampire get up) to walk by any minute

    1. Little known fact (that I just made solely for this response): One of the front dome shaped thingys on the Dalek’s is really a cleverly hidden 5 megapixel camera so good luck not getting your picture snapped whilst making your time traveling Tardis escape

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