My Pajama Pants at the store * Rant *


Have you been to the grocery store lately? People in the pajama pants is now at epidemic proportions. I am willing to make exceptions for toddlers but if both you and your child are old enough to not be able to fit in the grocery cart then your old enough to take a few more moments to at least put on a pair of (normal) pants, shorts, or heck I will even take sweats over having to see Elmo, Sponge bob, or Hello Kitty on a fully grown adult staring back at me while waiting to check out.

I totally understand the comfortable factor, when I get home and I absolutely have no desire to go anywhere else I jump into my pajama pants as quickly as I can. I am a slob myself, and probably don’t have any standing to lecture anyone else on the fine art nuances of not being a slob but I draw the line at dressing like a crack cocaine addict, pot head, or escaped mental patient with a pension for cartoon character emblazoned pajama pants when going to the grocery store.

I only hope when these people are running around with their pajama pants on that there is someone at home who loves them for all their neurotic glory. Some one who loves them for their particular brand of crazy (because let’s face it we all have own brand of crazy) and thinks its cute when they lounge around with Star Wars Character prints. I can also only hope they realize the rest of the outside world does not hold the same infinity or appreciation for their pajama pants and decide to dress like a normal human being when going to the grocery store.

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