Interview Rejection: its not me, its you. Okay its really me


Your NOT hired!

Its hard to not to take Interview rejection personally. I have a job, so trust me I have a very large understanding that I have absolutely nothing to complain about.

Despite all of that I have recently have been trying to see what else is available for me both internally and externally of my current employer. I have interviewed both internally and externally and 2 out the 3 times I have done so I felt both interviews went really well.

One external interview went so well I was told specifically I was “on the top of the list”. There was a 2nd interview hoop to jump through and the interviewer seemed so pumped about me as a candidate that he/she wanted to see if there was any way to do the 2nd interview process right then and there and only because the person who this interview would have been with was not available, it never came to being.

The contact between myself and that person who interviewed me has been annoyingly glacial and silent since then. I started to have a slight understanding of what its like to be a single woman who felt she and her date had really connected and then did not receive a call.

I was given some “feed back” recently on why I did not get offered a position after yet another (what I felt was) great interview. “Well sir, you were late to the appointment, and you failed the written portion of the interview”. In my defense I was helping my mom who just happened to be in town at the time, I did call well before the interview time apologizing that I might be a bit late and I was only late by a minute or 2 at best. The “written” portion of the interview was me playing grade school teacher marking with a red pen spelling, grammar, and punctuation mistakes. I am still not certain how this exorcize was a true test of my ability to use spell, grammar, or punctuation check (how in the heck do you honestly think I produce these blogs?) on a word processing program.

I am still at a loss also if the “feed back” given was a nifty new service to help me improve myself or there was a such a great concern of my deplorable performance that something just had to be said. If it’s a real service I can only hope other potential employers put it into action. “No mam, you did not get chosen for the position because you spent the entire interview with your shirt pulled over your head”. “No sir, we regret to inform you we decided to choose candidates who did not insist the interviewer speak to a sock puppet”. “I’m sorry mam you we will not be hiring you, you wore an outfit more appropriate for Hooters and not for a office position”.

2 thoughts on “Interview Rejection: its not me, its you. Okay its really me

  1. “I am still not certain how this exorcize”–that’s why you didn’t get the job. You abhor exercise so much that you misspelled it. Or you were thinking of the exorcist, which is probably a better guess. You weren’t wearing wrinkled Docker’s, were you? That could blow the whole thing.

    1. see? even spell check on my word processing program has failed me. 😦 wrinkled Dockers? oh! I forgot to wear pants! those weren’t wrinkled Dockers, those were my legs

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