(WordPress Weekly-writing-challenge) “The French Bread” gets a surprise Visit

Gustav and Hans Hard at work

Gustav and Hans Hard at work


Finally, after years of hard work Gustav, and Hans received word that a Major well known world class chef was going to dine at, and review their restaurant. Five years of hard work, attention to every detail, and social media marketing has led to this once in a lifetime opportunity.

Sally was hired a year ago to be the official “Social Media Food Guru” and helped Gustav, and Hans both understand the impact and importance of social networking. Before long she was blogging, WordPressing, Facebooking, tweeting, and making connections with Michael Symon, Bobby Flay, Mario Batali, and the likes of Masaharu Morimoto.

Eventually “The French Bread” became the talk of the town and the internet. The truly transcendent meals, decadent deserts, and impeccable service was the absolute best business model that could have ever been devised. Business was so good that the large demand from the public actually forced them to have to turn away customers during dinner hours.

The funny thing though about social networking, and not keeping a more diligent control over what “accidentally” drops into both your email in-box and spam folder is what can really make a large difference between being in contact with a world class chef and a Muppet.


The “Swedish Chef” certainly deserves respect as a “World Class Chef”, but in hindsight (and careful review of events in the past) there was no due diligence put into who the Chef’s “Plus one” was going to be, and further more who and what entailed as “accompanying party” that would come along.

What is known after all the confusion, mayhem, food flinging, steak juggling, ceiling fan riding, fryer cannonball contest, poultry (both real and Muppet) puppet show, “spaghetti western” (don’t ask), pancake eating contest, waffle eating contest, patron heckling (gosh those old guys are annoying), some “animal” eating most of the major utensils, overall shenanigans, and the eventual burning down of “The French Bread” is that a character who is known as the “Great Gonzo” was indeed the linchpin to the whole string of events.


“The French Bread” does not hold “The Swedish Chef” accountable for any of the events and has put out a $10,000.00 reward for any information leading to the arrest of “Gonzo the great” and his band of Merry Muppet pals.

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