The fear of commitment

Smiley Face

Smiley Face (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The following ad hock legaleez mumbo jumbo staggeringly winded, strangely inclusive in almost all life situations is a non-compliant non-commitment commitment to commit to not commit.

As such when you the 4th party sign do knowingly sign here, initial here, sign here, print your name there, make your mark here, draw a smiley face there, put your thumb print here, turn page 576 upside down and list all declarations that need to be declared, print your name here, include your address there, make a origami duck out of page 98, list your social security 20 times on page 6789435, list your favorite cartoon character over here, sign your name as if you were queen/king of the universe on attachment P956, make a pencil drawing of a rabbit here, and raise your right hand while taking the Mr. potato oath of mashed potato justice commit to the non-compliant non-commitment commitment to commit to not commit legal and biding document.

To finalize, realize, detailize, specialize, adhere to, stick to, and generalize this agreement please listen to this verbal meandering disclosure and leave a comment of commitment below.

3 thoughts on “The fear of commitment

    1. I would say: “Don’t Panic!” but looks like you did not and committed to commit. Congratulations! your now the proud owner of a limited edition second hand glow in the dark forged autographed snorkel with Swiss army knife Columbian cartel pencil sharpener/Ron Popeil pocket fisherman combination

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