Go ahead, be a quitter. Everyone is doing it

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I really have no business pointing out the inability of others to finish a project. When it comes to unfinished projects, book ideas, comic strip ideas, movie ideas, great casting choices (a much younger circa “The Hunt For Red October” Sean Connery really would have made a great “Dr Quest” if anyone would have bothered to make a live action version of “Johnny Quest” like I kept on thinking in my head and shared with few people to no one), art projects, and lego designs I am most certainly the best choice to make.

I am a television entertainment nut from way back. (heck I can still do an impromptu singing of the “Mr Ed” Theme song with a teleprompter but I doubt if you want to be subjected to it) and I hate it when my favorite shows call it quits. I still miss TV shows that have been off the air longer than some of my much younger friends have even been alive. The famous signing off episodes of The Mary Tyler Moore show, Newhart (seriously? Who can forget the awesome twist during the last episode?), MASH, Family Ties, Cheers, Frasier, Friends, Matlock (ok, I threw that one in to see if your paying attention. Did Matlock have a signing off episode?), Seinfeld, The Soprano’s (RIP James Gandolfini), and a skew of others.

Not only do I hate it when my favorite TV shows come to an end because I will so seriously miss the characters, but I also hate the TV wasteland that fills its wake after wards. Is it me? Or does it seem like TV networks are willing to slap anything on? Really ABC? Whodunnit? Its just a reality version of “Clue”. What’s next? Chutes and Ladders?

I have had to give up a lot in the last couple of years. House? Really? You took House from me? Sure I still have the reruns to watch but I miss Dr. House making a nuisance of himself, while solving medical mysteries. Sure Syfy channel, Kick a nerd/geek when I am down, cancel Eureka on me, and now you cancel Warehouse 13. Not only do I hate it when TV networks end a show, but whats even worse is when the show is just yanked off the air without a decent rap up. From what I hear Warehouse 13 is not even going to get a decent send off/rap up/ending episode.

And If August 11th 2013, crystal blue, Heisenberg, Hank Shrader, Walter White, Better call Saul, Los Polo’s Hermanos, Skyler White, or Jesse Pinkman have no meaning for you than you obviously are not a Breaking Bad nut job like I am. Yes I am counting down, Yes I have my Heisenberg hat ready, yes I have my blue rock candy (what they actually use on set for the “blue meth”) recipe ready, and yes my DVR is fired up and ready for the beginning of the end. I m going to love/hate every minute of it knowing that the explosive/emotional end is well..the end. If you need me I will be weeping wildly in front of my TV with a 3/4th eaten ziplock bag of blue rock candy strewn all over me.

2 thoughts on “Go ahead, be a quitter. Everyone is doing it

  1. I’ve never seen Breaking Bad, nut job. Sorry. And I hate Sci-Fi, but I did watch Eureka bc the cop was really hot and looked good in that uniform. I do remember the Newhart ending; that can never be topped. And Cheers. And the drunk castmates on Johnny Carson later that night. I didn’t like the Friends or Seinfeld endings. I guess they went out on top. And I recall Bette Midler singing to Carson on that last show. Mr. Ed is taking it waaaay back, but I guess you ARE near Tom Cruise’s age, so… Last night, while watching NBC’s 4th of July footage, they kept showing the little moving preview people at the bottom of the screen, with Sean Hayes from Will & Grace and maybe even Michael J. Fox. So I’ll have to hope one of those shows is decent. I don’t DVR so I just watch what’s on when it’s on. Maybe American Ninja Warrior!!

  2. Since you mentioned Seinfeld, I didn’t care for the ending either. The episodes I appreciated most was the cathartic parody send up of Jerry and George pitching “A show about nothing” to NBC. I don’t know about you but I could sense a winking eye in the process. It seems pretty clear to me they were making fun of the very network the show was being shown on and also making fun of the totally insane process network television puts into green lighting a new series. Just when I think TV programming cant get any dumber it does. It gives me hope that I also could successfully pitch and produce a television show, but I would then have to point you back to my article about my propensity for unfinished projects.

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