Next time you save the universe make sure you know how to google reverse sku search, diagnose hardware and software issues, and make a step by step electronics fix it book for your wife

What's in my Computer Bits Bag

What’s in my Computer Bits Bag (Photo credit: Nick J Adams)

Oh the joy of being a geeky, tech nerd from planet X (the planet insists on remaining unknown for its own protection). It has its ups and downs. On the plus side I do know my way around computers, digital watches ( who needs to wear a watch any more?), remote controls, hard drives, mouses, printers, software, HTML coding, wireless networks, wireless routers, google searching, and most electronic things and gadgets.

On the down side when your friends and family members slowly begin to figure out your a wiz at most to anything technology related you then become the designated Nerd-A-Lert tech support. My computer is broke! How do I tell my DVR to play the dolby digital sound sound signal instead of the analog signal? How do I stream Netflix to my TV? How do I post this picture from another website to facebook? How do I get my VCR to stop flashing 12:00?? (first get rid of the VCR and get yourself a blue ray player to start with) The questions never seem to end.

My hands down favorite story is when a friend of mine was looking a light bulb. Now mind you, this was no ordinary light bulb. He owns a business that has security lighting (the kind you would see in a parking lot) and that security lighting uses special bulbs you just cant go to the store or even Lowes to just pick up. His daughter (who ran the business for him) brought the box the bulb came in in an effort to help track down where exactly you can get a hold of this elusive/exotic bulb. Because my friend rubs elbows with other rich business big shots (he hates it that I call him that) he was actually on the phone with another rich business big shot who does a lot of major industrial electrical business asking him of all people where he might be able to get a replacement bulb. I calmly asked my friend (while he was still on the phone) if the box on the table was the box the bulb came in, asked if I could go into his “computer room” to use the computer. Approximately 2 to 3 minutes later (using a google SKU reverse search technique I can’t explain to you) I yelled out from the computer room: “Hey dude! Is this what your looking for?” pointing at a picture of bulb being sold through a specialty online retailer. The only down side to this story is now my friend expects me to solve every technical problem he has (I love you guy but I am going to have to start to charge for my services).

Then there is my lovely bride (gosh I love her so much). She stays at home when I go to work and she MUST (and I do mean must) have her cable TV to help her keep entertained while I am away (heck knows I provide enough entertainment when I am at home). She calls me now and then when the power goes out (& back on) and makes the DVR go crazy. Its then my geeky hubby duty to diagnose and resolve the entertainment to DVR to TV issues she is having. If you have ever seen a grown man speak in sweet low tech easy to understand terms while pounding his head on the nearest wall you just might have seen me without realizing it. I swear I am going to make a step by step book (with visuals) just for my sweat heart for when this happens.

3 thoughts on “Next time you save the universe make sure you know how to google reverse sku search, diagnose hardware and software issues, and make a step by step electronics fix it book for your wife

  1. Well, now that I know what a tech nerd you are, I have a question. When I started blogging, that little quotation box there up in the upper right would turn orange if you had a like or a comment. I’d click on it, read it, and then it would turn off. Suddenly a couple months ago, when it’s orange, I click on it, read the thing, it goes grey. Fine. Then two minutes later, it’s orange again. With the same comment. So I click it again, wait a few seconds, it turns grey. Fine. A few minutes later, orange again. Like it’s NOT RECOGNIZING THAT I HIT IT AND ACKNOWLEDGED IT! Reverse SKU that son of a gun. WTH? And btw, you sound like a very tolerant husband.

  2. Really? The blog about dancing with a included picture of Napoleon Dynamite? several references to planet X? The jet pack avatar I carefully chose? and you stillllll couldn’t figure out I am big old geek/nerd? Just kidding..ha! any way, yes I too have waged war with formerly mentioned orange quotation comment indicator and its evil orange plus sign like indicator friend. Heck I just battled with it just so I could read your comment. I just think (for lack of a better explanation) that both have a tendency to forget you clicked them when you switch back and forth from one page (possibly your reader like I do) to the actual page where the comment/like may be located. I know I have a tendency to switch from my reader and then to the page where the comment/like is residing. Other than that I have no clue either. You can always ask this question on the wordpress forum and see if there is any other orange indicator haters

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