The Next Time You Get Roped (Guilted) Into Being Nominated For (& Accepting) “The Shine On Award” Make Sure You Read The Teleprompter And Stick Your “Prepared” Acceptance Speech



Its official, you blogging bloggers have officially blogged your way into my social networking consciousness. The ever so brilliant mind (or minds) behind Bumblepuppies Has taken it upon themselves to Honor (more like pester) me (here is the nomination The Shine On Award Insults My Intelligence ) with “The Shine On Award”. I am supposed share 7 things you don’t know about me and then further Nominate (obligate) other bloggers so the award is more like the song that never ends.

Here goes:

#1. I am a metal head, born and raised. I firmly believe I am the few, if not the only teenager who would come home and ask my mom to turn down her loud music instead of the other way around.

#2. I studied (for only a year) at a bible college (back in the late 80’s) to be a full time minister. I finally came to the conclusion that being a minister as my full time career choice or occupation was not my calling. I did some street preaching on the streets of New York City, have preached several sermons, and even was the speaker (preacher?) at my great aunts Funeral. I learned some impromptu illusions (that illustrate the gospel) from the street preaching group, designed my own illusions (based on years and years of being interested in and practicing stage magic) and do a gospel magic act as “Mike The Magician” when I get a chance to perform.

#3. Magic Johnson is NOT my dad. I know this comes as a big shock, but Maury Povich did the DNA test, there was a fight between Stevie Wonder and Randy Macho Man savage and the once viral youtube video of the whole event was pulled after receiving a cease and diciest order from the estate of Claus Von Bulow

#4. Video killed the Radio star. Its true, tragic and the FBI still has a wanted poster, and a warrant out the capture and arrest for Video

#5. I am NOT the cats pajamas. I may be the cats feeder, poop scooper, personal furniture to lay on, bringer of mysterious silver cans that food appears from but I am certainly not the pajamas

#6. I think my wife is a mime. She wears black leotards, pretends she’s trapped in a big glass box all the time, and refuses to talk about it

#7. Both a Chia pet and a goldfish died under my care back in the 90’s. There is still a ongoing investigation behind the matter

Now here is my chance to further Nominate (obligate) other Bloggers. They super fantastic blogs and if you feel otherwise I will have no choice except to challenge you to a watermelon seed spitting contest.

I Don’t Get It A really cool blog written by a really cool person. I love the pictures and images she finds and posts. Here is the latest article/blog (as of this date) posted: Total Yodel Recall

The Dim Wit Diary I just recently discovered this blogger. He’s a dimwit, and I am a weirdo so I guess weirdo’s and dimwits are so much alike (but not totally) that we gravitate to the same strange universe. Here is the latest blog:
Facebook odds and ends volume two

A Truly awesome blog that is so much worth the read. The crazy real adventures will truly stun and amaze you. Here is the latest entry:
U Turn

StrawberryQuickSand This awesome Aussie tells such great stories that an American bloke like me feels like I just went on a trip around the world every time I read an entry like this one:
Will You Go Out With Me To A Beach Boys Concert

The Jogging Dad He’s a dad, he jogs, he blogs. Jogging and running is not my thing, but I like the fact he’s a dad who makes the time to jog and blog (normally not at the same time). He has a great positive perspective despite all those invisible zombies chasing him (why else would you run?). Here is latest running blog: One Day On A Treadmill

Ben’s Bitter Blog Bitter disappointment, loneliness, desperation, anxiety, and bitter bitter sarcasm awaits just a click away. If you hate happy sappy plastic flaky smiley people then Ben has the right bitter pill for you to take:
Bitter Apathetic Lazy Telekenetic Pictures Or Bitter Pictures Of The Week

Kevin Hellriegel’s Blog Of Worthless Advice Despite the fact Kevin has a restraining order against me from ever darkening his corner of World Of Warcraft ever again. I personally feel there are no real hard feelings (on my part at least) about the fake troll under the bridge incident and when I am really in need of the absolute worst, worthless, and truly useless advise I contact my attorney and read Kevin’s blog anyway:
How To Keep The Inmates Happy Teaching Your Children Good Manners

12 thoughts on “The Next Time You Get Roped (Guilted) Into Being Nominated For (& Accepting) “The Shine On Award” Make Sure You Read The Teleprompter And Stick Your “Prepared” Acceptance Speech

  1. Congratulations! You may not be the cat’s pajamas, but you might be the bee’s knees, or else that mime would have left you by now. Thanks for the shout out. I am vexed though; were you a metalhead who was also RAISED by a metalhead? Did your mum also listen to loud metal? I’ve never even been to NYC, so I bet you have some interesting tales to tell, having preached a sermon there!

  2. yes, metal head raised by a metal head. If you think preaching in NYC is impressive, try doing it the day BEFORE Thanksgiving in front of Macy’s flag ship NYC store. Jack of all trades, master of none is what I tell most people.

  3. That is so very kind of you and, no, I won’t insult your intelligence by ping back (I don’t even know what the hell that means), doing an acceptance speech (don’t know how to do that) or displaying the award on my little blog (don’t know how to do that either). Keep up the good work! 🙂

    1. You run/jog and most likely are good at stuff I am not (I have yet to figure out how they get the cream so precisely inside a Oreo Cookie) and I am a tech nerd (see my other article about being a super tech nerd). It all works out at the end. This is only a indication that people are supposed to work together. No ping back needed or required, now back to my Oreo cookie

  4. Thanks for the shout out, home skillet! Wait, do people still say either of those terms? Shout out and home skillet? OMG, I just realized, just today, just here in this post, that I am officially getting old. Welp, time to go dye the hair, unbutton the shirt, and go buy a corvette. Midlife crisis, here I come. Cheers, my blogger friend.

  5. NP.. you have a great blog and deserve it.. I take you have noticed everything old is new again, and you can so super get away with the unbuttoned shirt (make sure its silk), gold chain, corvette as long as you explain your being “Ironic”. Extra points for playing the theme to “Miami Vice”, some Flock of seagulls, and extra extra cheesy points for playing “Thunderball” by Tom Jones really loud (its my favorite thing to play at a stop light with the windows rolled down)

  6. Nawwwwww, shucks. Thanks for the obligation (nomination). 😀 I will do my best to pay it forward. I like to think of these as an enforced blogroll. I shall dig out my favourite blogs and shoe horn them into acceptance. xo

    1. not really.. choose whatever image you like. Pay forward as you see fit. When I was nominated (obligated) putting this together felt more like a homework assignment than it did a I am glad now I did it because it has helped me learn a little bit more about my favorite bloggers.

    1. on advise of my attorney/associate supervisor/social media camera grip I can’t go into details. Let’s just say gasoline (er, I mean accelerant), a pack of chewing gum, a bobby pen, watching reruns of MacGyver, and a chia pet have no business being in the same room at the same time. Lets just say its like the warning of never, never feeding a Mogwai/Gremlin after midnight

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