A simple test

Be afraid, very afraid. I figured out how to use my webcam, & how to use it and multitask. This means once I get everything hammered out you may be seeing more video-blogging staring yours truly. Yes that is me in this test video. Please leave comments

8 thoughts on “A simple test

  1. Yes, I agree. We should have a whole bunch of people yelling and screaming when any kind of public announcement is made through the EBS. It would make my day a whole more exciting.

    1. well when the Zombie apocalypse actually happens the running, screaming, panicking humans would certainly make easier targets (zombies prefer the term fast food) since they are obviously making their locations, and path of trajectory more well known.

    1. yes, yes, the yellow flowers are for the mustache. Both together combined in the same are there to distract you from making probing questions like: Why does his silver microphone look likes its flying? Speaking of microphone, why is he using another microphone when he clearly is wearing a headphone with microphone combo? what is Michael Jackson doing popping out at the left corner at 0:25?

      1. I can’t make out any Michael. The microphone looks like a pokey spider or a satellite thingey. Darn girl brain!

    1. I don’t know if your a Star Trek Fan, but I feel the need to translate for fellow Star Trek Nerds: “KKKKKKKKKHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAANNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!”

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