An ode to Toast

Question: when and where does toast have its origins? I mean, who exactly is the pyromaniac that one day decided to burn, charcoal, then pleasantly brown a helpless piece of bread? Look at any culture in existence since everything started to exist and you will find bread. The food staple that allowed your grandmother,s grandmother,s great, great, great grandmother exist at least 3 days on that damn cold ice flow her ungrateful family left her on.

So when and how did some one who obviously has psychopathic tendencies decide to set a major food staple on fire? Is there a bread hate crime involved here? I would at this point suggest the police (bread crime division) be called but I can only assume they may have too busy giving “operating a wheel under the inflinfluence” citations at the time.

Toast just has to have a interesting back story and I demand the history channel take a break from the Hitler obsession they have and do a toast segment. My personal piece of toast history is one of my favorite headlines on a tabloid: “possessed toaster leaves mark of the Devil on toast”. The devil was obviously having a really slow day and needed a small distraction.


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