Naked Blogging

Everyone is naked. Even your dear grand aunt Florence who was more famous for wearing 2 blouses, one camisol, 2 cardigan sweaters, and 2 pair of support hose than she was for making unidentifiable (candy?) Treats that she passed out as gifts each Christmas. People are dating naked, trying to survive the wilderness naked, cooking naked (thanks for that morning cooking show while I am trying to ingest coffee, become alert, come back from the dead for subjecting me to half dressed people), and breaking Amish taboo’s by showing their ankles.

Now some people would argue that Adam and Eve were naked, and that we came into this world naked, but I would counter that Adam and Eve had the common sense that God gave a goose to realize naked and leather covered tree logs to sit on do not mix.

To be completely honest I have never really understood, or personally endorsed public nudity in any form. Nudist colony? Umm no thanks, nude beach? Again a resounding no for the same reason. Public showers? Possibly, but only if there are SEPERATE showers with some sense of privacy.

So if your blogging while your naked, reading blogs naked, or even if your pet cat/dog/hamster/goldfish prefers leasurly mornings drinking pumpkin flavored lattes in the nude I just really don’t want to know about it. Now get dressed will you??!!


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