The honey do list

When I got married my wife and I chose a passage from the book of Ruth, verse 16 as our wedding vows. The passage expresses Ruth’s ultra supreme sense of dedication towards her mother in law Naomi (except we used it as an expression of our dedication to each other).

It seems once the paperwork was signed and the ceremony was performed I apperntly (and unwittingly) had to agree to (at all times) adhere to, and fulfill a honey do list given to me by my lovely bride.

Pictures of me seeking the advice of one of those accident attorneys with the shiny suites and Bluetooth earpiece rushes through head occaisionally. yes I promised to go where she would go, that her people  would be my people, and that her God would be my God. I don’t however remember signing any paperwork stating that I would be held legally accountable to any and all honey do lists all the way to being held accountable to even the smallest line item (what?!?!.. You forgot the pack of gum?? It was on the list!.. I even underlined it!).

The only problem with even remotely thinking about or following the line of dislogic of forcing my spouse into a deposition, sitting across a large table from a league of Johnny Cockran attorneys grilling her over the details of the how and why’s of the iron clad honey do list is that she would first make dog food out of the attorneys then me. So I have learned to smile and nod and follow each instruction on the list as best I can.

As if that was not enough the honey do list has the right to morph, change quantity of items, change line items, and then be piled up on top of the already growing list of stuff that needs to be done. (which I call my TMSTD list. *Too Much Stuff To Do*)

All I can sugest to anyone anywhere who has the joy and privledge of fulfilling a honey do list is to make peace with it. Look at it this way: if you get everything on the list you don’t have to be a mind reader or guess what to get.


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