who’s smart now?

Quick! Picture someone smart in your mind after being given the following discriptions: Genius, Nobel peace prize worthy, Pulitzer prize contender (the Pulitzer prize committee has yet to return or answer my request for a prize), smart, & super smart.

If you pictured A nerd, Sheldon Cooper, Stephen Hawking, Albert Einstein, a world class chess champion, or one if those mathletes who make complicated spacetime algorythims look like child’s play then chances are you are not alone.

This is not to say these super smart people do not deserve to be pictured in our minds (or hearts) after being given such descriptions, I honestly believe though we need to expand our minds (and hearts) when considering who the really smart people are in the world and in our lives.

Personally I feel mom’s should top the list. Anyone who can multitask couponing, laundry, kitchen duty, provide snacks for soccer, and just barely escape going completely bonkers or becoming an achololic (more box wine puleeeez) is a freaking genius. There are men I personally know who may never fit the description of “book smart” but have an above genius level of know how in building, construction, brick work, plumbing, and mechanics. One man in particular has blown my mind ( but then spray cheese blows my mind also) in many levels on his mechanical abilities.

What about artists?, dancers, writers, bloggers, cool people who find cool and interesting pictures to post on their blog, painters, and other creative types? Don’t they deserve the “genius” moniker?

If you need me I will be busy submitting my 2000 page thesis on why electromagnetically charged peanut butter particles once owned by a squirrel princess warrior with emotional “new TV” season issues are prone to stick on band aide brand to a large gathering of biker moms with tattoos.

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