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Nice Day for a copy cat Elvis Lip curl

Nice Day for a copy cat Elvis Lip curl

Michael (yes my real name)! Sit down! Stop fidgeting! Are you day dreaming again? Pay attention!

All things I remember being told while growing up. When most of your childhood years stem from the mid 1960’s (yes I am that old) to the mid 1970’s you live in a world where keeping your head down, staying quiet, and not sticking out like a sore thumb are attributes you are told to have when in school. Good luck with that with me, God truly did break the mold when he made me and he made me to be different, way different.

My favorite picture of myself is of a toddler, I am wearing a wig my mom used to wear and I have my mom’s hand mirror and I am strumming the mirror part and grabbing the handle like its a guitar and I think I was trying to imitate a Beatle or something like that. The reason it’s my favorite is that the picture just screams: Me. It truly is a picture (no pun intended) of what is yet to come and the kind of behavior, attitude, humor, parody, and energy that can be expected from me at all times no matter how old I get.

I am technically a baby boomer, I was born just right at the edge of the baby boomer generation. The problem with this is I have absolutely nothing in common with the main section of this generation. I have always felt I identified and fit more into Generation X.

Were talking a generation that was influenced by (yes I am a movie geek) The God Father, Taxi, Midnight Cowboy, Cool hand Luke, 2001: A Space Odyssey, Star Wars, The Exorcist, Deliverance, Jaws, Halloween, and ect.

Our parents had proved that reaching the moon was just the beginning. Mars was next and Wernher Von Braun had developed the stage rockets (never used, and are on display at the NASA space camp) to get us there. The sky, stars, and universe were no match. We came to kick ass, chew gum, and we just ran out of gum.

Now of course everyone feels their particular generation they grew up in and was influenced by was the best. Everyone once they get old enough will start to feel a disconnect with people younger than themselves. Everyone will have that embarrassing moment when they make a reference and realize that very reference only further illustrates how old they really are and how much older that reference makes them feel.

I am turning 50 in august, and I don’t plan on “Growing up” anytime soon. My mustache is almost all gray now, my own mother noticed my swash of gray hair in front, and if Alex Trebek even remotely thinks of showing up at my door I plan on kicking him square in the nuts. I have no plans on going quietly in the night. I have full plans on being a 80 year old hell on wheel chair bound trouble maker with a wig on, rocking out, while listening to Billy Idol.