Does any one other than me think Television executives are stark raving mad?

I am actually at a place now with television programming that I long for the days where you had the traditional “seasons” (fall through late spring) and then had to be subjected to mini-series, celebrities competing with each other in skimpy bathing suites, and the occasional screening of “Old Yeller” during the summer off season. Now we are at a point where networks will put anything and everything on air. I can only imagine the conversations that take place: “Hey Henry, how about a sitcom about a Love struck Gopher who dabbles as a Vampire hunter?” or “Wow look at this script Steve! A dysfunctional alien dad tries to bring up 10 down and out penguin’s who escaped from a cruel zoo keeper portrayed by a cartoon alligator”. I blame the reality show craze, and please don’t even get me started on that vein. Is anyone really watching “survivor” anymore? It should have been voted off the island a very, very long time ago.

So here is the current cancellation list of shows you may possibly care less about to shows that may cause you to write a hate filled letter. After all the networks pump up, push, market, and try to convince you when they originally air these shows that they are the greatest thing since Matlock.
Deception (NBC): Cancelled.
Animal Practice (NBC): Put down.
Do No Harm (NBC): Harmed.
30 Rock (NBC): Over.
Guys with Kids (NBC): You can’t believe how cancelled this is.
The Office (NBC): Closed.
Smash (NBC): Smushed.
Up All Night (NBC): Christina Applegate quit: This was cancelled … by its own star!
Whitney (NBC): Thankfully.
1600 Penn (NBC): Impeached.
Made in Jersey (CBS): Terminated.
Private Practice (ABC): Spin-off heaven.
Partners (CBS): Dumped
Ben & Kate (Fox): & Cancelled.
Vegas (CBS): Lost.
Go On (NBC): Get out.
Fringe (Fox): R.I.P.
Touch (Fox): Touchable.
The Job (CBS): What?
The Mob Doctor (Fox): Ha! That title. Yeah. Deceased.
Don’t Trust the B– in Apt. 23 (ABC): Speaking of: Did anyone really believe a comedy with “B—-” in the title was going to last?
666 Park Avenue (ABC): Hellbound.
Last Resort (ABC): Indeed.
Rules of Engagement (CBS): Broken.
Golden Boy (CBS): Tarnished.
CSI: NY (CBS): Two down, one to go.
Zero Hour (ABC): Zero something all right.
Emily Owens, M.D. (The CW): Crashed.
How to Live with Your Parents (ABC): Evicted.
Red Widow (ABC): Exterminated.
Body of Proof (ABC): D.O.A.
The New Normal (NBC): Or not.
Family Tools (ABC): Put away.
Malibu Country (ABC): Overthrown.
Happy Endings (ABC): Until this happened.
90210 (The CW): Finished.
Cult (The CW): Unfollowed.

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